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“We’re here to make the best Vietnamese beauty products”

iFree welcome and thank you for your interests in our products

– iFree‘s starting point is a business model created by young people who have a passion and determination for providing Vietnamese cosmetics with completely high and competitive quality, efficiency as well as price of worldwide famous brands

History and development

– Throughout the history and development, iFree brand is built on the professionalism and continuous innovation. We are constantly investing in proven formulas on scientific articles and clinical researches, ensuring the ingredients from top suppliers for making safe cosmetics and bringing benefits and quality in products. The plant is invested in its production process by modern and imported machines and an advanced waste water treatment system to make the best quality products while maintaining high responsibility to the environment and public health.

– In order to bring best experiences to customers, iFree continually improves its manufacturing process, production lines, quality of services, and commits to be a reputable company in accompany with customers ‘brands on the way of developing and enhancing Vietnamese cosmetics.

The key principles of the iFree “best quality” products

– Modern equipment and machinery

– Experienced human resources

– CGMP standardized process

– High quality raw materials

– Best Quality product

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–IFree is a Vietnamese cosmetic factory with the following criteria: Exclusive – Prestige – Quality.

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Be one of the top 3 brands of high-end cosmetics production in Vietnam in 2020. We aim to develop cosmetics that bring real value to our customers with high effectiveness and safety for consumers.

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For customers:

– iFree is a reputable Vietnamese cosmetic manufacturer, ensures quality and meets consumers’ expectations.

For shareholders:

– iFree is committed to running business effectively, delivering the high profits and transparency as shareholders’ expectation

For colleagues/co-workers:

– iFree is committed to providing a comfortable working environment so that all colleagues can reach their full competences and receive a well-deserved salary and bonus system.

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The spirit Must Do It.

– Don’t say “impossible”, offer “solution”.

Solidarity – Professionalism:

– Solidarity and professionalism are the energy of iFree, let’s contribute to increase this power.

Living seriously – Working happily

– Follow the company rules and enjoy working with excitement.


Research and Development Department


iFree designs its Research and Development Department according to cGMP ASEAN standards and invests in advanced research and analytical equipments of the world’s leading brands. For iFree, continually developing products is a prerequisite, a must to bring value to you.


Production area

iFree designs its Production area according to cGMP ASEAN standards on hygiene, safety for cosmetic manufacturing, meeting strict standards of the Ministry of Health, HACCP..

IFree key machineries and equipments are imported from the top technology countries like Japan and Germany to best meet all your needs

Packing and Filling area

iFree designs its packing and filling area according to the ASEAN standard to fully ensure hygiene during operation to prevent products from dirt and microbiological contamination …

iFree arranges its filling and packing equipments properly to maximize their operational capacities to fulfill orders and deliver products at soonest.


Well experienced team


Research and development team

Well experienced chemical engineers and bachelors, who continuously enhance knowledge, update the world's leading product trends and materials through joining beauty seminars and exhibitions to make exclusive and high competitive products for customers

Production team

IFree recruits carefully its team of chemical engineers, bachelors and members having professional experience of making cosmetics, ensuring the whole process of production from raw materials to finished products done accurately and ensuring the safety standards of microbiology met.

QA / QC quality management team

They are chemical engineers, bachelors and other members with many years experience of QA / QC. All stages in the processing are strictly controlled by QA / QC, ensuring the standards required by the Ministry of Health met.

Customer care team

We are experts and support our customers with professional experience in cosmetics industry. Building a professional, friendly and knowledgeable customer care team who understands legal documents and markets. It is a great advantage of easy cooperating and time saving for both parties.

Packaging design team


Quality assurance system


IFree’s quality assurance system controls the entire production line from the analyzing input materials to checking the final products by thorough inspection to ensure excellent product quality. IFree invests in Quality Management Department with advanced equipment and machinery to meet the various testing analysis requirements.

IFree’s quality assurance system focuses on four main processes:

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