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Makeup remover has become popular increasingly and an indispensable item on the shelves of cosmetic displays of companies since the double cleansing method – the Japanese 2-step cleansing spreads worldwide.

At the Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh Ifree cosmetic manufacturer, we produce all kinds of makeup removers with ingredients of clear origin, safe for your health and skin in cleansing. Especially, we have many types of natural extracts from familiar to unique like Babasu, Aloe Vera, Argan oil, … and a variety of the most effective makeup remover formulas.

gia công tẩy trang ifree
iFree manfactures many new generations of makeup removers

1. What is make-up remover?

tẩy trang thế hệ mới của gia công mỹ phẩm ifree
Makeup remover removesall makeup cosmetics

Makeup remover is a cleansing product used before a facial cleanser to remove firmed makeup, while also removing dirt, sebum causing pores blocked, then making your skin cool and smooth.

Why must I use makeup remover?

– For many people, makeup is almost as important as life. “I can’t go out without makeup”, “At least, with lipstick” is a familiar message every day. It is a guideline and the current standard of many girls/boys with their passion on beauty

– Makeup makesyour skin soft, smooth, pink and healthy, your eyes beautiful, yourlips attractive and especially higher confidence about your appearance. However, everything has its two sides. High adhesion texture to keep “perfection” longer causing skin to “suffocate”, bacteria take this chance to create inflamed blisters or cause skin to darken and smoothness lost.

– Makeup remover was found as a new breakthrough in beauty industry. With the great effect of removing makeup easily, consumers will be assured of the health of their skin while still having regular makeup.

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Make-up helps women have attractive appearance

2. Without makeup, do you need to use remover?

 – If you do not wear make-up but using nutrition cream or sunscreen, you must still remove it. Because the residual cream on the skin surface will clog pores. 

Experts recommend daily makeup remover usage, whether you wear makeup or not

– More importantly, makeup remover is a great active substance that promotes the cleansing power of a face cleanser, helps to remove dirt and debris from the skin surface. Thanks to those great things, this product became extremely necessary for daily usage.

Differences between makeup remover types

There are many types of makeup remover, below are the most common ones:

2.1 Makeup remover

– Having only water and natural nutrients, this is the most classic makeup remover.

– The product is extremely gentle, non-rubbing and damaging the skin, suitable when using sunscreen or light makeup.

– How to use: apply the solution into cotton makeup remover and thenon the skin, leave it for the nutrients to work in a while, then simply wipe it out without rinsing with water.

 Nước tẩy trang Babasu Micellar dịu nhẹ

– Especially iFree manufacturers Micellar Water, BabasuMicellar makeup remover products with unique micelle molecules, combining nutrients from Babasu, Aloe Vera, Glycereth-26, … to help remove makeup, while ensuring benign and safe for the skin.

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2.2 Cleansing oil

– Cleansing oil works based on the principle of “oil neutralizing oil,” strongly knocking off heavy makeup.

Massage dầu tẩy trang đều lên da
Massage cleansing oil thoroughly

– Using cleansing oil takes more time than other types of products. Firstly, you dab the solution on the skin (keep hands and face dry and clean), then gently massage in a direction from the bottom to the top for 3-4 minutes. After that, you apply onyour face with a little water to emulsify the oil into liquid milk, continue to massage evenly and finally rinse with clean water.

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2.3 Double layer Makeup remover (water – oil)

– The product is extremely special when the compound is separated into two separate layers – the oil and the nutrient layers. This kind of liquid is commonly found in eye and slips makeup remover.

Double layer special makeup remover

– The product is convenient and fast. Having a powerful cleansing power of makeup removing oil but does not take time to emulsify it thanks to the special double layer structure. This is a convenient product that users can take anywhere

Distinguish the function of makeup remover and natural oils

– It is commonly said that coconut and olive oils still remove makeup quite well. In fact, oil is a concentrated form of highly cohesive liquid. When mixing with surface impurities, they will become a huge danger. You therefore absolutely must not use natural oils to replace makeup remover products, especially when you have oily skin, your are prone to inflammation and have large pores.

Natural oils are not appropriate for makeup remover

3. Instructions for correct makeup removing

Depending on the type of makeup removers you will have different steps, but still ensure the following procedure done:

– Use a sufficient amount of makeup remover, apply evenly to the forehead, nose, chin, cheek, and philtrum, you then gently massage spirally to wash impurities on the skin surfaceaway.

– After the active ingredients works, you wipe off the makeup with a cotton pad or wash with warm water to remove dirt more effectively.

– For the eye area is the most sensitive place, you should use a gentle makeup remover which does not cause irritation. Use a cotton ball to take the solution and wipe in following order: eye shadow- lower eyelid – eyebrows in the direction from the inside out. Continue using a cotton swab to apply the solution, rolling the area above and below the eyelashes in a direction from end to end. Finally,you use a clean tissue to wipe off the makeup completely.

– For lips is a thin structure, you should wipe off the lipstick with a tissue paper, then absorb the solution and wipe gently from the lip rim into the inside. Finally, you wipe again and apply a layer of lip balm to provide moisture and keep lips ruddy.

Depending on the area of skin, we have a proper way to remove makeup

4. How often you use makeup remover a day?

Noremovingwill make the pillowcase get dirt with makeup

– Experts recommend that you practice your daily makeup removereven without making up. The most appropriate time to remove makeup is in the evening before going to bed to cleanse the skin and not smear the makeup layer on the pillow cases.

Removing makeup cautions:

4.1 Choose the right makeup remover

– “Choose a right makeup remover is better than selecting an expensive product”. Indeed, if the product does not match the skin characteristics and makeup level, using even a high-end product will be counter-productive. Therefore, iFree’s strategy is to manufacture safe and effective cleansers,suitable for many types ofskin, with natural extracts that have been clinically approved so that customers can easily selected.

4.2 Toner is absolutely not a replacement for makeup remover

– Toners and makeup removers have completely different ingredients and functions. However, toner contains active ingredients that help clean and remove dirt (only a low proportion) should be used in emergencies. But then you still have to use makeup remover to make sure your skin is completely cleansed.

4.3 Better removing the heavy makeup area

– The heavy makeup area takes more time to completely remove impurities. At the same time, try to avoid to smudge makeup on other skin areas, inhibiting the entire cleaning process.

4.4 Do not rub the skin

Following the rules of using makeup remover

Facial skin is quite a thin and sensitive structure, so do not rub it. You just wait for the solution to absorb evenly, then gently use a cotton pad or massage to remove the dirt automatically.

5. Why select iFree makeup remover manufacturer for outsourcing?

– iFree has many years of experience in the cosmetics manufacturing industry. We manufacture different types of makeup remover with clear origin materials in a factory aims at cGMP-standardand many other services.

– With dedication and professionalism, iFree company will be the most suitable partner to develop your business of beauty products together with you.

– Please contact us via Hotline 094.200.2020, iFree Facebook  or via the chat box on below screen with iFree specialists for the most suitable makeup remover by consulting.