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Shower gel is currently the best-selling item and interested by many consumers. The market share of this product has a lot of untapped potential area. If you take the right opportunity, you can become a millionaire at a glance. So, let’s start selecting a  shower gel OEMer  but with reputation? The following article will give you a reasonable answer

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1. iFree whitening shower gel ingredients.

The iFree cosmetics manufacturer offers a service of producing high quality and safe whitening shower gel with breakthrough, new and exclusive formula. The shower gel is made of natural ingredients such as collagen extract, pearls, honey, young rice sprout, roses and vitamins A, B, C and natural gently fragrances.

First appearing in the 1800s, shower gel is a derivative of liquid soap. It is a product used to cleanse the body when bathing. In fact, the shower gel does not have saponification, instead it uses a synthetic detergent derived from petroleum or plant sources 


gia công sữa tắm
Specialized ingredients


iFree added the ingredients to the whitening shower gel manufacturing process have the optimal whitening effect, moisturizing, making skin extremely smooth. They can be used to make a daily whitening body wash, shower gel to remove dirt, sebum help eliminate skin toxins.

Some other ingredients are also added to the shower gel to create a breakthrough formula, such as tea tree – a valuable medical herb with good acne, antibacterial, or green tea essence – contains a lot EGCGs with fighting against aging, keeping your skin young and healthy.

In addition, iFree also use soybean oil, Madagascar ginger, ginseng essence to make whitening body wash. iFree chooses precious herbs from around the world in most ingredients of shower gel making for the product’s breakthrough.

We guarantee the raw material input with clear origin and safety to our customers to make good product quality.  Visit the sellers handmade cosmetic raw materials  here.

2. Advantages of iFree shower gel

2.1. The function of shower gel

Shower gel contains active ingredients that can remove dirt on the surface, provide nutrients to make skin smooth and shine.

Especially, the gentle surface active ingredient does not contain 1,4-dioxane, alcohols, DEA, lauryl sulfates, laureth sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde with the HET-CAM index (eye irritation index of active ingredient ) is almost 0.

Because of its safety, this is the most active surfactant used in iFree shower gel production, not containing foaming agents, but still cleansing the skin. The product is suitable for all skin types, even baby skin, sensitive ones to irritant ingredients found in other industrial shower gels.


gia công sữa tắm trắng da
Cleansing Body


  • Moisturizing the skin

Shower gel not only helps cleanse the body but also moisturizes, softens the skin. The formula of iFree shower gel is supplemented with intensive moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin, aloe extract, shea butter, ceramide 3, glycereth-26, etc. superior than common products. 


nhận gia công sữa tắm
Moisturizing shower gel


  • Relaxing

A cool scent helps to reduce weariness after a hard working day and study. iFree manufacturer uses soothing fragrances making products suitable for the majority of users on the market.

In addition, we import a lot of different essential oils and fragrances for you to select. 


gia công sữa tắm trắng da độc quyền
Relaxing with a cool fragrance


2.2. Direction of usage

Using the product, you only need to take a sufficient amount of shower gel on a bath sponge to make more foam than do to manually. You then apply them to the entire surface of the skin. At this time, we massage to refresh and detoxify the body. You should shower with water 2-3 minutes later. 


gia công sửa tắm tại hcm
Safe to all types of skin


When using shower gel, you should moisturize the skin, then apply nutrients to it. Just a caution: clean your hands to limit the effects of bacteria, have better skin protection, prevent acne on the back for whitening effective.

2.3. How to preserve shower gel

Keep the shower gel on a bathroom shelf, in a cool and dry place, away from the sun light that can degenerate the product by time.

3. iFree shower gels

The iFree company currently manufactures shower gel following the latest trend of products, which are safe and gentle on all types of skin. In addition, we manufacturer  products according to your specific orders with quality material warehouse for your selection.

3.1. Baby Care shower gel with massage beads

Baby Care shower gel with massage beads is a gentle, quality product that does not contain harmful substances such as SLS (sodium lauryl sulfates), parabens, DEA foaming agents, … and helps remove old cells and dirty dust for a smooth clean skin.

In addition, Baby Care shower gel is added with massage beads to enhance stimulating blood circulation and to regenerate cells quickly.

>> Reivew ways to exfoliate, cleanse skin at home from Kaolin


gia công sữa tắm giá rẻ uy tín
Baby Care shower gel with massage beads


3.2. Baby Care shower gel without beads

If your customers have sensitive skins, the Baby Care shower gel without beads is a good choice for manufacturing. The product is a combination of safe and non-irritating surfactants and moisturizers with natural origin, especially they can be applied to baby’s skin.

Moreover, you can totally select additional active ingredients that are beneficial for the skin to add to the ingredients in the formula of the shower gel.

We will research and consult you on the best ingredients to produce a unique and highly effective of exclusive shower gels, to easily grow your business. 


gia công sữa tắm đẹp da
Baby Care shower gel without seeds


3.3. Flower shower gel

The falling petals in the shower gel is the most highlighted attraction to customers. In addition to decorative effects, the petals extract from quality natural ingredients, also provide more moisture and support smoothing the skin, help users feel relaxed and comfortable. 


chuyên nhận gia công sửa tắm
Flower shower gel


4. Why should you choose the iFree manufacturer for shower gel?

4.1. Standard cGMP manufacturer

iFree is a shower gel manufacturer with quality modern production lines, following cGMP standard, in the area of over 5000m2, capacity of up to 1 million products/month.

To increase our competitiveness, we have completely renovated our shower gel processing technology to a new level: being exclusive and breakthrough.


Automatic shower gel filling process

When selecting iFree whitening shower gel manufacturer, you are completely assured because our products are all certified by the Ministry of Health, prestigious international health organizations. Whitening shower gel manufacturing is a closed process, ensuring the best safety for the product.

Thanks to modern technology and the automated production processes, manufacturing and product costs are reduced significantly, you can totally trust the iFree shower gel manufacturing. 

4.2. Design and packaging consultancy, making anti-counterfeiting stamps

In addition to manufacturing shower gel, we also provide design and packaging consultancy services, including anti-counterfeiting stamps making at extremely reasonable prices.

All staff of iFree shower gel manufacturer are professional and skillful, ensuring unique packaging designs. Moreover, all raw materials for the production of bottles and jars are safe and environmentally friendly recycled plastics.


công ty sản xuất sữa tắm trắng da độc quyền
Contact iFree to have great packaging


4.3.Package service of cosmetics announcement

If you need a shower gel manufacturing company to assist you in an a to z cosmetics declaration, please contact iFree cosmetics manufacturer as one of perfect choices. We also have market research and legal consulting services to help you develop your formula and brand as much as possible.

4.4. Register the product barcode

Barcode printing technology is the only breakthrough in iFree manufacturer, it will help your products to be exposed to more places both in the domestic and foreign markets.

We would like to provide above information of the iFree cosmetic manufacturer – the most prestigious exclusive shower gel- manufacturer in the country with our breakthrough technology and new formulas that have been successfully certified by researchers and allowed to use.

Refer to other services at iFree cosmetic manufacturer:

Moreover, we also have very good after-sales policies, please contact iFree Cosmetic Manufacturer for more information:


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