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The trend now is a priority and special attention that women give to light cosmetics with natural extracts, having no negative and irritating effects on skin. Therefore, iFree always puts consumers benefits at the top priority, making safest and highest quality products. Let’s read iFree face cleanser manufacturing  through articles below:

You can quickly review the articles here:

  1. iFree faee cleanser manufacturing
  2. Forms of face cleansers
  3. The effect of cleansers
  4. Types of face cleanasers
  5. Why should you select iFree manufacrturing of face cleansers

1. Face cleanser manufacturing at iFree

Environment, dust, sunlight, sebum … are the causes that make your skin dry, acne, not pink and smooth.

Therefore, using cleanser to clean, care skin is essential for every woman. The ingredients in cleanser will help remove sebum, tighten pores, clean skin, reduce acne. It can be said that among cosmetic products, cleanser is the best selling ones. 

gia công sữa rửa mặt
Washing your face is a daily necessity

Face cleanser  is a facial cleanser used to remove makeup, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of contaminants from the skin on the face. It helps to clean pores and prevent skin from conditions like acne. Facial cleanser can be used as part of a skin care regime together with toner and moisturizer.

Supply always goes with demand, so that high demand requires big supply. On today market, natural ingredients – face cleansers is the most trusted and preferred by consumers.

With the desire to bring benefits and the best things to consumers, iFree has researched and released the best quality and safest products. iFree face cleanser manufacturing always receives high appreciation from experts and customers.

All steps of cosmetic manufacturing at iFree are carefully researched, strictly controlled, manufactured with modern technology production line and a team of highly qualified and professional engineers.

From production start to delivery and customer care, iFree has put its heart and profession as the first.

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2. Types of face cleanser at iFree

iFree manufactures a variety of types of facial cleanser such as:

  • Foam
  • Gel form
  • Ice cream form
  • Granulated
các loại sữa rửa mặt
Diverse face cleansers

 iFree manufactures all products diverse in terms of uses, including skin whitening, massage, exfoliating, acne treatment …. And especially they are safe and suitable for all types of skin.

Face cleanser manufacturing needs compliance and thorough inspection at every stage, especially raw materials checking. The reason that iFree face cleanser can “soothe” all types of skins because they are extracted from environmental friendly and gentle materials, distributed from leading suppliers in the world.with clear origin,

Safe ingredients and international standards manufacturing processes makes the iFree face cleansers natural pH, safe and moisturize skin to avoid it effectively from dry and acne .

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You can watch below video of manufacturing face cleanser:

3. The function of face cleanser

3.1. Clean the dirt on the skin surface

The skin of face is the most exposed area to smoke and contamination. Dirt sticks to the pores so that the skin “cannot breathe”, allowing bacteria to develop.

Thanks to the face cleanser, users can completely clean the dirt and eliminate skin problems in the simplest way.

Some cleaners have exfoliating effects with small scrub beads that effectively remove the horny layer for smooth skin. However, you should only use this type of product 2-3 times/ week to give your skin time to recover.


gia công sữa rửa mặt giá rẻ
Face cleaners with exfoliating effects  

3.2. Reduce Ance

According to dermatologists, acne is formed by three main causes:

  • P.Acnes bacteria:
    • Their full names is Propionibacterium acnes – anaerobic bacteria that live and grow deep in pores. P.Acnes’s main food is sebum, therefore, an increase in oil production causes bacteria to grow and thrive.
    • Then white blood cells will “fight” with P.Acnes bacteria to protect the skin, creating an inflammatory reaction, forming acne, pustules, whiteheads, … 
gia công sữa rửa mặt tốt nhất
P.Acnes bacteria form acne
  • Oily secretion:
    • There is always a layer of natural oil as a protective function, preventing impurities from outside the environment from entering the skin of every person.
    • However, for many reasons, especially hormonal disorders during puberty, stress, insomnia, inappropriate cosmetic use, etc. will make the natural oils become more oily, causing blocked pores and forming acne. 
sản xuất sửa rửa mặt
Excessive oily skin must be continuously reduced by blotting paper


  • Dead cells:

    The outermost layer of the epidermis is eliminated during the regeneration of new skin. Without removing them, this layer of skin will make the skin more rough and more acne.


sản xuất sửa rửa mặt uy tín
Accumulat dead cells cause skin acne

In fact, face cleanser does not completely cure acne as good as specialized medicines, but they will prevent the causes of acne. So keep your skin clean and cool. 

gia công sửa rửa mặt chất lượng
Face cleanser prevents the causes of acne

3.3. Help the skin absorb the cream better

Facial cleanser cleans surface, helping the cream penetrate deeply and promote better nutrition to the skin. If the skin is not cleansed, creams will only clog the pores and aggravate the skin condition in applying.

So if your customer complains about ineffective creams, try to see whether their skin cleansing process is good or not to have appropriate consult and support.

sửa rửa mặt gia công
Face cleanser promotes cream function effectively

4. Types of cleansers

Face cleansers have many different types with diverse ingredients and uses, including:

4.1. Facial cleanser – makeup remover 2 in 1

This is a new step in beauty technology of combining makeup remover and cleanser in one product, meeting the needs of skin cleansing in a short time. This type of product is very suitable for busy people without much time. 

Công ty sản xuất sửa rửa mặt
Face cleanser with makeup remover

4.2. Non-foaming face cleanser for sensitive skin

A non-foaming face cleanser is formulated with soothing, non-irritating ingredients such as aloe vera providing vitamin B3, … it gently removes surface impurities, remakes skin smooth and bright.

hiệu quả sửa rửa mặt
Non-foaming face cleanser for sensitive skin

4.3. Face cleansing gel preventing acne, regenerating the skin

In addition to the cleansing function, the cleanser with massage beads removes part of the dead cells on the skin, prevents acne, stimulates blood circulation, remakes a smooth, fresh skin, is good for thin skin.


gia công sữa rửa mặt tẩy tế bào chết
Face cleanser with massage super small beads

4.4. Baby Care face cleanser

Baby Care face cleanser is iFree’s new product requested by customers and has been feedback very positively. This product is extracted from environmental friendly green materials, completely free of sulfates, no preservatives, no skin irritation and suitable for all types of skin.

This gentle natural products can be used to bathe the baby’s most delicate and sensitive skin.

5. Why should you select iFree face cleanser manufacturing?

On the market today, there are many manufacturers of face cleanser both on particular and cosmetics in general, but still, iFree is the first choice of big partners and customers. It is not difficult to understand for iFree has all the elements and strengths that make customers select and trust.

Refer to other services at iFree cosmetic manufacturer:

5.1. cGMP standard Factory

As an outsourcing exclusive cosmetic manufacturer with a position and name in the industry, iFree always strives and completes in meeting customer requirements for their trust.

With many years of researching and manufacturing cosmetics, iFree will help customers make their cherished, winged dreams come true and build up their brands.

In order to fulfil it, iFree always upholds and focuses on building modern facilities, equipment and machines. cGMP IFree factory is one of the conditions to ensure the safe, high-quality manufacturing of face cleansers meeting the requirements of the Ministry of Health. 

face wash
iFree Cosmetic manufacturer

5.2. Professional staff

A strong organization cannot lack of good human resources. In additiona to its modern factory, iFree also employs and trains an experienced, professional, highly qualified and professional staff ready to consult customers.

iFree staff are well-trained, competent and dedicated engineers.

5.3. Imported quality natural raw materials

The source of raw materials is one of the most important factors for natural cosmetics. The safety of facial cleanser in particular and cosmetics in general depends very much on this factor.

With iFree, the reputation and benefits of our customers are always our top priority. We only manufacture cleansers of natural origin, absolutely reject contaminated chemicals..

sửa rửa mặt an toàn cho da
Safe ingredients to skin in manufacturing

5.4. Commitment to the right manufacturing cost and product quality

iFree manufactures face cleanser at high quality as standard with very reasonable price. Cost optimization is the principle concerned by in every business.

Good product quality, reasonable price with many after-sales policies, customer support, … Therefore, you can be assured when having your cosmetics, facial cleansers manufactured at iFree.

5.5. Packaging design consultancy

Packaging is seen as the face of a brand. Many consumers get used to judge products from their appearances.

Impressive design, unique and high aesthetics are a very important thing in cosmetics.


sữa rửa mặt trị mụn
Packaging design Consulting


 iFree has its own highly qualified designers to support customers, to consult on the image and branding, for the most impressive product design.

The design team at iFree is the trend catcher, having high creativity and artistic eyes. Therefore, customers will get the best consultancy and support.

5.6. Cosmetic publication service

Manufacturing Face cleanser, finishing, packaging and then completing the legal procedures, launching the product to market … iFree will support customer on related papers and help customers’ new products released to market legally at soonest.

The above general information of iFree facial cleanser manufacturing is what we want to share with readers. Selecting a cosmetic outsourcing manufacturer is essential for each exclusive brand. “Giving trust – getting value”, iFree will be a perfect and reliable consulting partner of customers.