Deodorant manufacturing

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Deodorant manufacturing

Let’s review information on deodorant manufacturing , functions and the benefits of using this product. It helps keep your body cool and helps you feel confident before everyone.

About deodorant manufacturing
About deodorant manufacturing

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  1. Information on deodorant roller processing at iFree

In order to help customers learn about deodorant manufacturing, we are please to introduce some information about deodorant roller manufacturing at Ha Noi cosmetic factory HCMC iFree.

Deodorant products manufactured with the main ingredients from nature. With essential oils combined with antibacterial silver nano crystals. In particular, aluminum salt (Metal Chlorohydrate) has the effect of effective preventing the sweat glands, modulating the secretion, creating a dry feeling for the skin.

  • Effective limitation of body odor with deodorant spray daily

For iFree uses ingredients of natural extracts, the product effectively reduces the odor, stores and maintains the natural aroma, prevents the odor, keeps the fragrance for more than 24 hours.

Deodorant roller offer a whole cool day
Deodorant roller offer a whole cool day

Manufactured deodorant roller with skin protection, nourishing ingredients, not causing dark skin

With natural ingredients, the product will not cause skin irritation. With skin-protecting nutrients, it not only brightens the skin under the arms but also reduces inflammation of the pores.

  • Deodorant sprays limit stains on clothes

Deodorant roller/spray with colorless ingredients, natural extracts, dries quickly. This does not cause stains on the shirt.

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  1. The cause of body odor

The formation of body odor makes many people feel uncomfortable and inferiority. To limit odor, antiperspirant products are very popular. Only a few know where the body odor comes from. There are many reasons for the bad body odor, health experts have summarized the following 4 main causes:

  • Natural sweat glands: this is a major cause of body odor. It produces from the body inside and is difficult to cure. Therefore, to limit odors, just use manufactured deodorant spray products.
  • Eat lots of smelly foods: this is a subjective cause. Therefore, body odor can be overcomed by restricted eating strong odor, hot spicy foods.
  • Stress: Sometimes, you have problems that cause psychological inhibition, stress, in life or at work … then the body also produces unpleasant odors. Relax, go picnics or listen to music, watch your favorite movies, see friends… to relieve stress.
Daily reduce stress with deodorant spray
Daily reduce stress with deodorant spray

Inherited gene: this cause of odor will be with you throughout your life. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the body. You can use deodorant roller or deodorant spray daily to keep your body always cool.

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Watch below video to understand where the body odor comes from:

  1. Advantages of deodorant products at iFree

3.1 Operating mechanism of deodorizing roller

As analyzed, the cause of body odor is bacteria. Deodorant product with operation mechanism of limiting sweat, help skin dry. In addition, it also prevents bacteria causing odor, maintaining and retaining natural fragrance, protecting the skin under the arm.

Deodorant is a substance applied to the body to prevent or conceal (conceal) body odor by bacteria producing sweat in the armpits, groin and feet, and in some cases vaginal discharge . A subclass of deodorant, called antiperspirant, prevents sweat, usually by blocking sweat glands.

Antiperspirant is used on a wide range of body, wherever sweat is inconvenient or unsafe, because sweat can interfere with comfort, vision and grip. (due to slip). Other types of deodorant allow sweating but prevent the action of bacteria because human sweat only smells significant bad when decomposed by bacteria.

3.2. What are the function of deodorant products?

  • Effective deodorizing
  • Prevent and kill odor-making bacteria
  • Keep and maintain fragrances
  • Skin whitening
  • Do not clog pores

4. The reasons you should select iFree to manufacture deodorants

There are many manufacturers of deodorant on the current market. However, only a few of them fully meet the criteria to ensure health and safety for users. We are please to introduce one of the reputable, quality manufacturer, iFree. This is where deodorant making is found and appreciated by many customers for the following factors:

• Products use natural materials

Materials from nature, followed natural rules should ensure safety for users; they do not harm or irritate sensitive skin under the arm area.

• Deodorant meet product standards

The products are strictly controlled from input materials to finished products, in accordance with standards and safety production processes.

• Deodorant products easily compete in the market

With guaranteed ingredients, it creates high quality products. In particular, reasonable price and attractive design, product should be highly competitive in the market. 

Deodorant manufacturing process
Deodorant manufacturing process

Deodorant roller and sprayer are manufactured at the right quality according to their costs. 

Thanks for the investment in modern lines and a team of highly skilled technicians, we make products at high quality, productivity, and reduced input costs. Thereby, product costs is low and product quality is at standards.

  • Modern cGMP standards production line

With a cGMP standards – closed production process, all products are guaranteed at the standard of quality without defectives.

  • Diverse deodorizing manufacturing service

We provide variety of manufacturing services, from semi-finished products to finished ones from research, production, packaging, … In small or large quantities demanded, iFree offers attractive and sophisticated designs up to the latest trends. Bottles are imported directly, so they have the most competitive price in the market.

  • A dedicated team, working under the criteria of “Give trust – receive value”

This is the advantage of iFree with enthusiastic and dedicated staff. Research team and technicians are well-trained and professional. Samples are clinically tested and checked for quality before releasing to the market.

  • Supporting the idea of cosmetic branding

Consulting, marketing and Lab teams will support branding ideas as demand. Everything will match the product requirement and condition of each customer.

5. Contact Info

  • Headquarters and research center: 102 Street 3, Binh Hung Hoa, Binh Tan, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  • Hotline: 0904 200 20 20
  • Email: [email protected]


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